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Carrot Connect Ltd. is thrilled to announce that Peter Bodman has joined our team as a Technology Leadership Expert, effective immediately.

Peter brings with him a wealth of experience and a proven track record in change management and global project execution, particularly in ERP and technical infrastructures across multiple sectors.

Peter’s expertise spans various domains, including financial services, media, telecommunications, insurance, retail, and IT services. His leadership in managing complex, multi-million-pound programs and spearheading organisational change has consistently delivered significant results. His collaboration with top system integrators and consultancies, such as DXC, Infosys, and Accenture, underscores his ability to harness external expertise for continuous improvement and innovation.

As Carrot Connect continues to expand its operations and enhance its service offerings, Peter’s appointment is a strategic move to drive sustainable change and ensure smooth transitions for our clients. His unwavering commitment to innovation and continuous improvement is inspiring and aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver exceptional results and value.

Peter’s approach to change management combines effective stakeholder engagement, communication strategies, and comprehensive support to facilitate smooth transitions and minimise resistance. His knack for building and leading local and global teams to deliver wide-ranging projects will be crucial in our ongoing efforts to drive sustainable organisational change.

We look forward to Peter’s innovative and impactful contributions at Carrot Connect.

Please join us in welcoming him to our team!

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